Back on the vitamins, antacids and antihistamines!

COVID has struck me again, more irritating than scary this time round. It has made me feel ill, but I didn’t feel as ill, for as long. I am on day 9 now and my symptoms are now relegated to a snotty nose, a cough and feeling tired. However I am still testing positive whichContinue reading “Back on the vitamins, antacids and antihistamines!”

Focus on coaching, supporting others and feeling vulnerable

This week has been really busy, really helpful and a bit challenging. My new colleague started this week which was wonderful and spending most of the week working with the wonderful and enthusiastic Amy has been so restorative. This week though has challenged me, firstly making sure I provided Amy with the support and directionContinue reading “Focus on coaching, supporting others and feeling vulnerable”

From Losing My Religion to Rediscovering My Purpose (05/02/22)

I have had a couple of conversations with healthcare staff this week, which took me back to a dark place in my career. It made reflect on my journey to where I am now in my career and despite how I felt back then still working for the NHS in the same Hospital Trust. TheyContinue reading “From Losing My Religion to Rediscovering My Purpose (05/02/22)”