A bit of escapism

I Love to daydream. It takes me to a happy place, when I am feeling a little fed up. Most days foggy makes an appearance as I have mentioned before. That on the whole is fine, I have come to accept him and his negativity, he is me after all. Some days the things heContinue reading “A bit of escapism”

Memories of my School Days

In a couple weeks I am meeting up with some friends from school. We try to meet up at least once a year. It’s wonderful to have that connection with the past, and also our or present and future. We normally meet up in a pub in Chester, have a meal, then sit round gettingContinue reading “Memories of my School Days”

Have a Hug on Me

Everybody needs a hug, some of us more often than others. The restorative powers of a good heartfelt hug are amazing. If you are feeling out of sorts or mentally and physically drained, a proper hug will leave with a spring in your step and a song in your heart. A hug reminds you thatContinue reading “Have a Hug on Me”

Being a Coachee, Supervisee, and Coach

Last Monday I had my own coaching session. It has been a while since I was last coached. I have a new coach who is quite brilliant, just like my previous coach. Obviously I choose well. Monday was our contracting meeting. I set out my expectations of what I wanted from my coaching and setContinue reading “Being a Coachee, Supervisee, and Coach”