What is a Coach in Your Pocket?

A few days ago I tweeted about a way of working with a coach that is accessible for a busy lifestyle and and is affordable (I mean really affordable). It is a digital/remote form of coaching that allows you the flexibility to engage with coaching when it is convenient for you. The only commitment fromContinue reading “What is a Coach in Your Pocket?”

3 Things to attend to when working in a complex uncertain environment.

Working in a complex and uncertain industries such as health and social care (but not exclusively) requires you to attend to 3 things to remain effective. These 3 things can often be in tension with each other and if not attended to can work against each, causing significant risks to yourself, your patients/clients, stakeholders andContinue reading “3 Things to attend to when working in a complex uncertain environment.”

Meaningful support for leaders

I teach Clinical Supervision, practice as a supervisor for Nurses and AHPs ,as well as coaching, I also provide coaching supervision for our internal coaches. I have also started the ILM 7 cert in coaching supervision. Recently I have been thinking about the challenges faced by leaders not just the NHS but across all industries,Continue reading “Meaningful support for leaders”

Trying to give up? Stop it, it won’t work!

Whether you want to give up smoking, cut back on drinking or lose weight, focusing on giving something up or denying yourself something you are attached to is unlikely to end in success. If we set ourselves goals on moving away from something, such as smoking, or drinking too much, or reducing our weight, thenContinue reading “Trying to give up? Stop it, it won’t work!”