Never Give Up

Hull FC proved the point yesterday. Never accept that you cannot succeed until the game or the project is over. They showed steely determination right to the end to ensure their victory¬† in an incredibly high pressure atmosphere (I doubt there is a less high pressure game in Rugby League). They played to their strengthsContinue reading “Never Give Up”

We Can All Experience Our Own Gold Medal Moment

Along with millions of other viewers last night I was glued to the TV cheering on Team GB in the Hockey final.  It was clear that both teams were at the peak of fitness and skill.  The momentum of the match swung between GB and the Netherlands, and to be honest for much of theContinue reading “We Can All Experience Our Own Gold Medal Moment”

Believe in Yourself

Believing in your own ability is an attribute common in all successful people. Self belief comes from being adequately prepared for what is ahead of you. Extensive planning is therefore key to sustained success. How do you know if you have prepared enough? Having someone to challenge your planning, to ask the obvious question andContinue reading “Believe in Yourself”

Set yourself free

Before you can make changes to your life or lifestyle you have to set yourself free from the constraints you have put on yourself during your journey through adulthood. This is not to say you have to forgo your responsibilities and go live in a commune. You have to theoretically set yourself free and dareContinue reading “Set yourself free”

Letting Go is Never Easy

For a lifelong smoker the prospect of never smoking again is incomprehensible. All smokers will at some point make an attempt to stop smoking, most of these attempts end in failure. Just saying you want to stop is just not enough to prevent you from starting to smoke again. Your mindset has to change beforeContinue reading “Letting Go is Never Easy”