Lead a satisfying, fulfilling life at home and work.

Effective leadership starts with yourself. Being a selfless heroic leader may well be effective in the short-term, but as a long-term solution it will only end in you burning out and a dramatic reduction in your performance as a leader. If you want to see long-term improvement in your performance as a leader, and seeContinue reading “Lead a satisfying, fulfilling life at home and work.”

Improve Your Civility With Self-Care

When we are not feeling good about ourselves, it is all so easy to project our emotions onto those around us through rudeness and generally being unpleasant. Conversely self compassion results in compassion towards others. If you are noticing that you are more short tempered than usual. If you are feeling intolerant of people aroundContinue reading “Improve Your Civility With Self-Care”