About Me

Executive and Personal Coach

  I believe that all of us are capable of leading a fulfilled and balanced life, living up to our own version of success.  My mission statement, my flight plan if you will is:

I will lead a courageous useful life with compassion, warmth, and kindness. I will be supportive of those that need it and endeavour to challenge those that would find that useful. I will continue to learn to be compassionate to myself and practice to live in my curious mind instead of my anxious one.  I will embrace joy and love where ever that is found and be willing to hear and accept the love and kindness of others.

This is manifested in how I coach

My Background

have worked in the NHS for over 30 years. The majority of them as a Nurse in Children’s Health and Critical Care. I have held a leadership role for over a decade, leading in volatile and uncertain environments. In recent years I have developed and managed a coaching and mentoring network, and provided leadership and personal coaching both internally (within the NHS) and externally on a private basis.

I have always had a skill and passion for listening to and supporting others. When I was a teenager, my friends and others would come to me with their problems. Not for me to solve them (what did I know of their life) but to be heard by me, to have a shoulder to cry on. Empathy and compassion without judgement has always come naturally to me.

What You Can Expect On The First Session

Coaching for me is an extension of my healthcare career. I have spent all of my working life and before using my talent for non-judgemental empathy and compassion that coaching was just the natural progression.

So you can expect warmth, kindness, compassion and empathy, as I listen to your story. I will then support and challenge you to make sense of your experience so you can start to make the changes you need at a pace that suites you, but does challenge you.

If you want to know  more feel free to have a look at my blog, find out  what services I offer and email me via matt@mattycoach71.com

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