About Me



I have nearly 30 years experience as a Nurse in the NHS. I have predominantly specialised in Children’s Nursing, working in Critical Care and Acute Paediatric Medicine.

I spent 11 years managing a busy Children’s Ward in an inner city Hospital, before becoming a Clinical Nurse Educator, and Coaching Lead. I am particularly interested in the human factors that impact on modern healthcare and how we can support each other to perform to our potential.

It is obvious really that all this principles that I have learned and apply in the NHS are just as relevant and vital in the wider world. If we spend a bit of time to understand ourselves and others, then perhaps we will all preform better and achieve our goals.

If you are interested in reaching your potential , by exploring your values, and beliefs then get in touch.

Not ready to do that yet, then feel free to read my blog.

email me via matt@mattycoach71.com for further information