An Inspiring 2 days

I have spent the past 2 days facilitating a coaching skills for managers course to a group of inspiring and impressive leaders from the NHS. Together we have explored how a coaching approach to leadership can transform the way we manage and motivate staff provide high quality care within a culture that can be bothContinue reading “An Inspiring 2 days”

I am now offering more online coaching

Life is busy and complicated, we have many demands on our time. We know we need time to do some thinking on issues that need our attention, but we struggle to find the time. Coaching sounds like a good idea, but it can be time consuming and expensive. Online coaching can give you the flexibilityContinue reading “I am now offering more online coaching”

Only 3 more assignments left before I complete my Level 7 Diploma

I spent most of yesterday working on the 5 assignment of the CMI Level 7 diploma in Strategic Coaching and Mentoring. It was then I realised that I only have 2 more assignments once I have finished this one. It has been much more enjoyable than I expected. I have also realised I knew muchContinue reading “Only 3 more assignments left before I complete my Level 7 Diploma”

Blue Monday and other days

Last Monday was apparently blue Monday. This according to the media is something to do with it being the middle Monday of January, and with January being after Christmas and that it can be financially challenging, on top of that it is cold and dark. To me this notion that there is one day thatContinue reading “Blue Monday and other days”

Keep being curious…..

Keep being curious…..but be curious to increase your understanding and challenge you bias, rather than to judge and confirm your bias. I was reading a lively debate on LinkedIn (remember don’t judge) last night about white privilege and how the UK is set up in favour of the white middle class, heterosexual, able bodied man.Continue reading “Keep being curious…..”

What influences how we communicate with different people?

This has been a subject on my mind this week. It came up when I was discussing with a group how I find it difficult talking to senior managers and members of the exec, something that happens more often now I have changed my role. It was also a subject I have been considering thisContinue reading “What influences how we communicate with different people?”

Are you always warmhearted?

I was reading an article by The Dalai Lama this morning on mindful compassionate leadership. He says being warmhearted leads to a happy life, a fulfilled life. If you approach everything in life in a compassionate manner then you will be more peaceful in your response, whereas if you are always approaching life with angerContinue reading “Are you always warmhearted?”

Don’t get sucked into the rhetoric of division

Yesterday I posted a blog about inclusion at work and how embracing the diversity within our workplace will improve creativity and productivity. Today I woke up to more news of division in the world we live in. Our world seems more divided than ever. The news it appears is full of hate. Whether you agreeContinue reading “Don’t get sucked into the rhetoric of division”

Are you missing out on connecting with people that are different from you?

Do you find yourself attracted to people similar to yourself. How many of the people you regularly connect with have a completely different view of the world to you. Now you might have a diverse group of friends, connections and acquaintances, but I will hazard a guess that the majority of us prefer to connectContinue reading “Are you missing out on connecting with people that are different from you?”