Lead a satisfying, fulfilling life at home and work.

Effective leadership starts with yourself. Being a selfless heroic leader may well be effective in the short-term, but as a long-term solution it will only end in you burning out and a dramatic reduction in your performance as a leader. If you want to see long-term improvement in your performance as a leader, and seeContinue reading “Lead a satisfying, fulfilling life at home and work.”

Improve Your Civility With Self-Care

When we are not feeling good about ourselves, it is all so easy to project our emotions onto those around us through rudeness and generally being unpleasant. Conversely self compassion results in compassion towards others. If you are noticing that you are more short tempered than usual. If you are feeling intolerant of people aroundContinue reading “Improve Your Civility With Self-Care”

Switch Your Aerial to Receiving and Transmitting Mode

Over the past few months I have been speaking to a lot of people across healthcare, individually and in teams. Sometimes reflecting on their experiences and other times looking forward to what is next for them. I have asked them a lot questions about what has been challenging, what has been helpful, what they wantContinue reading “Switch Your Aerial to Receiving and Transmitting Mode”

Maintaining Balance and Perspective

Balance and perspective have been themes for me this week. The coaching conversations I have been having, have all been related to balance and perspective, and how it is so easy to lose track of either and get caught in a cycle that has a negative effect on our well-being. These attacks on our well-beingContinue reading “Maintaining Balance and Perspective”

Living and working in a pandemic part 3

I thought I might write a snappier title for this weeks blog, but I could not think of anything, so here it is, same as last week with a number changed. I have just been thinking about our recovery from the pandemic, and wondering if we are now on the up slopes and will emergeContinue reading “Living and working in a pandemic part 3”

Reflections of living and working in a pandemic so far: Part 2

I have had a week off this week. Jack was home last weekend for his 19th birthday, it was lovely to spend some time with him. We went out for lunch for his birthday, and what a fabulous afternoon it was listening to him and sharing our love for music. His friend Matt came toContinue reading “Reflections of living and working in a pandemic so far: Part 2”

Reflections of living and working through a pandemic so far: Part 1

I was talking to a friend the other day, and I asked her what she enjoyed about my podcasts and blogs and what got in the way, of enjoying all of them. Now normally I would avoid asking questions like that, but I trust her opinion and as I was thinking of recording a fewContinue reading “Reflections of living and working through a pandemic so far: Part 1”

If it is not your’s to fix…

I say this to myself most weeks, normally just before I start a coaching conversation. Before I start coaching someone I get a tension in my stomach, a performance anxiety comes over me. I want to do the best for them, I want them to see me as being helpful, as being a wise¬† benevolentContinue reading “If it is not your’s to fix…”