Why do you react to events the way you do?

How often in the course of a normal day do you react to what is presented to you instead of responding? If you have kids I will almost guarantee it is at least in double figures. So what do I mean when I say react instead of respond? When we react we use our reptilianContinue reading “Why do you react to events the way you do?”

Do you, you are good at it…no you really are!

This is one of them, having a word with myself blogs. Do you, you are good at it, you really are, if only you took time to notice, and stopped comparing yourself to others. That is what I needed to tell myself this week, but I would rather impart this wisdom to you lot instead.Continue reading “Do you, you are good at it…no you really are!”

Habits, foggy, sense of identity and getting shit done.

I have been on annual leave this week. I still get up ridiculously early. I was awake at 5 today. It is a habit I have had since being a young adult. I feel guilty if I sleep beyond 8am. I find I am more alert and can get things done in the morning. TheContinue reading “Habits, foggy, sense of identity and getting shit done.”

It’s that time of year again

We used to get our Christmas tree (a real one) the Saturday before Christmas, most people did then (in the 70s and 80s). Now this might not be strictly accurate, but this is what I remember. I remember having real trees when we lived in Chester, even after Dad had left. I remember getting themContinue reading “It’s that time of year again”

Connecting to My Story

Stories of My Well Being Since becoming an adult I have struggled with my mental health and well-being. Over the years this has manifested itself in a number of ways, ranging from general anxiety, self-hatred and physical symptoms. I was going to say I manage to avoid a dependency on this journey, but that wouldContinue reading “Connecting to My Story”

It’s a balancing act

I am doing a course on Coaching Supervision with work, and as with a lot of courses that are worthwhile it has got me thinking how some of the ideas discussed will inform my practice. Coaching Supervision is essentially an element of the wider discipline of supervision for helping professions, such as Clinical Psychologists, Therapists,Continue reading “It’s a balancing act”

What is a Coach in Your Pocket?

A few days ago I tweeted about a way of working with a coach that is accessible for a busy lifestyle and and is affordable (I mean really affordable). It is a digital/remote form of coaching that allows you the flexibility to engage with coaching when it is convenient for you. The only commitment fromContinue reading “What is a Coach in Your Pocket?”

3 Things to attend to when working in a complex uncertain environment.

Working in a complex and uncertain industries such as health and social care (but not exclusively) requires you to attend to 3 things to remain effective. These 3 things can often be in tension with each other and if not attended to can work against each, causing significant risks to yourself, your patients/clients, stakeholders andContinue reading “3 Things to attend to when working in a complex uncertain environment.”