When I Fall! A webinar

How to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and have another go Setbacks and failures seem to be relentless at the moment, and this is taking it’s toll on our ability to keep picking ourselves up. This webinar is an opportunity to pause and rediscover what makes us resilient. Lets spend an hour and aContinue reading “When I Fall! A webinar”

Feeling Isolated in a Full House

Over the past 4 months many of us have experienced feelings of isolation, and for many of us it has been our first experience of loneliness. Living in a full house I never expected loneliness would affect me, but it did. Since the end of March I have spent the vast majority of my timeContinue reading “Feeling Isolated in a Full House”

Connected Living Webinar 2: Connected With Others

This weeks webinar is on Saturday 1st August at 11 am. The subjects covered will be: Understanding your persona Why we are attracted to certain people Are we making the most of our connections Why we need to make connections Appreciate the complexity of others Build trust Don’t worry if you missed webinar one, eachContinue reading “Connected Living Webinar 2: Connected With Others”

26/07/2020 Firsts and practicing what I preach

Last week when I was writing my blogs I was physically feeling quite rubbish. Well this week is completely different, I seem to be on an upward slope of the roller-coaster that is my symptoms. I now seem to have two weeks of feeling well then 2 weeks of feeling rubbish, however the weeks ofContinue reading “26/07/2020 Firsts and practicing what I preach”

19/07/2020 Sunny Sunday morning writing, blogging and listening to podcasts

It’s Sunday morning, so the usual happened, Holly (my dog) woke me up at 6:30, she was hungry and lonely. I could have gone back to bed I suppose, but the sun was shining, so I got up. I thought about writing a blog at that point, but I really did not have anything toContinue reading “19/07/2020 Sunny Sunday morning writing, blogging and listening to podcasts”

18/07/20 Trying to get back to some normality

It has been nearly 4 months since my symptoms began. They are much improved, they do not have a huge impact on my life anymore, however they are just not present enough to irritate. I get breathless, have headaches, indigestion mind fogs, and moments of irritation and anxiety. I have decided to live with thisContinue reading “18/07/20 Trying to get back to some normality”

Check out “Connected Living Webinar 1 Connected Self”!

Check out “Connected Living Webinar 1 Connected Self” on Eventbrite! Date: Sat, 25 Jul, 11:00 https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/connected-living-webinar-1-connected-self-tickets-113189934140

12/07/2020 A week off and a visit to see my Mum

I have had annual leave this week. Annual leave when you work from home is quite surreal. Monday and Tuesday we stayed at home, which when home is your work place is very strange. I did however manage to avoid logging on to my work computer and going and I muted the work WhatsApp group.Continue reading “12/07/2020 A week off and a visit to see my Mum”

04/07/2020 The day the pubs opened

On the 21st March I a blog titled “The Day The Pubs Shut”. 3 and a half months later they are reopening, albeit with restrictions. To be honest I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand both my sons work in pubs, so they are able to return to work for the summer.Continue reading “04/07/2020 The day the pubs opened”