31/05/2020 Learning how to flourish in a strange world

I was getting ready for bed last night, and I had one of those moments again. A moment I am certain we have all had. “I wish it would all go back to normal”… moment. The thing is that normal is never coming back though. The one thing that is normal though is longing forContinue reading “31/05/2020 Learning how to flourish in a strange world”

30/05/2020 Are we drifting back into a crisis worse than the first time?

I have just been reading Matthew Paris’ column in The Times this morning (Let’s just hope the scientists were wrong). He got me wondering if we are all just relaxing a little too much (to a greater or lesser extent). To be fair for most of the lock down I have been in my houseContinue reading “30/05/2020 Are we drifting back into a crisis worse than the first time?”

29/05/2020 Jack’s 18th Birthday

My youngest is 18 today. I am sure not the 18th he dreamed about. No trip to the pub with his mates, no night out at Welly, or Spiders. Just a trip to Sainsbury’s local with his ID to buy in his first legal beer. Maybe a kick-about in the garden with his brother thenContinue reading “29/05/2020 Jack’s 18th Birthday”

25/05/2020 It is easy to get caught up in the hysteria

If you live in the UK, then maybe this weekend has stirred some strong emotions in you. The discovery that our Prime Minister’s Chief Aide has appeared not to have followed the rules he helped write has created some very strong emotion. The sharpening of pitchforks on social media last night was very evident. IContinue reading “25/05/2020 It is easy to get caught up in the hysteria”

23/05/2020 Back to working on my book

Some of you how have been following my blog from the beginning will remember that about 2 years ago I started writing a book. For those of you who don’t know I decided to write about how I am learning how to navigate my way through my life by understanding myself and what motivates andContinue reading “23/05/2020 Back to working on my book”

21/05/2020 Today was going OK and then Humber Street Sesh was cancelled

I know I said I was not going to write a blog today. But I have got something to say, so I thought I would say it. As the title suggests I had a quite a productive morning. I was feeling tired but satisfied that I was getting stuff done. I spent most of theContinue reading “21/05/2020 Today was going OK and then Humber Street Sesh was cancelled”

20/05/2020 It’s a warm one

I have had a few days off from blogging. I was running out of things to say, and I have been working more as part of my rehabilitation back into the the working world, so quite frankly I have been knackered. Today though I feel re-energised. I decided to work in the garden this morning,Continue reading “20/05/2020 It’s a warm one”

16/05/2020 Don’t forget to empty that bucket

16th May 2020, another early saturday morning, and I am occupying the same position on the sofa, listening to the same radio station, different song. The news is the same, the same as it has been for the past 2 months. The pandemic has completely consumed our lives, everything we do is influenced by ourContinue reading “16/05/2020 Don’t forget to empty that bucket”

14/05/20 Learning how to talk to strangers

Today was better than yesterday which was better than the day before. On the advice of my GP I bought an oxygen saturation monitor. I have noticed that I will have to be mindful not to become obsessed with using it. I am restricting myself to using it when I feel unwell or breathless. ItContinue reading “14/05/20 Learning how to talk to strangers”