30/06/2020 100 Days

Back on the 20th March I started writing a regular diary of my experiences during the pandemic. Little did I know that just 5 days later I would start with symptoms that would stay with me 11 weeks. I am fully recovered now, apart from being very unfit. Little did I realise the tragedy thatContinue reading “30/06/2020 100 Days”

27/06/2020 My thoughts on working from home that turned into thoughts on leadership

I have been working from home now for about 6 weeks I think (all these weeks seem to be merging into one). I did not like it at first, I felt disconnected from everything, I felt I had to be attached to my computer, just in case someone tried to contact me, and I feltContinue reading “27/06/2020 My thoughts on working from home that turned into thoughts on leadership”

Emerging from the first wave

Whatever we have experienced in the past 3 months, I doubt many of us have experienced anything like that. As we begin to emerge or prepare to emerge from what could be the first of the pandemic, many of us are nervous and cautious about our new futures. There are a lot of questions thatContinue reading “Emerging from the first wave”

20/06/2020 Antacids, antihistamines and vitamin D

Before I start my blog. Its the 20th June!! We are half way through the year!! How did that happen? I suppose it has been a hateful year and we will all be glad to see the back of it. Anyway I have been feeling a lot better this week. Now I am not sureContinue reading “20/06/2020 Antacids, antihistamines and vitamin D”

How do we maintain trust in socially distanced uncertain world?

We have been living with COVID-19 and it;s restrictions now for 3 months, and I don’t know about you but it is starting to take its toll. This is very much in evidence with teams and social networks that for 3 months now (and is a few cases longer) have been operating remotely. The strainContinue reading “How do we maintain trust in socially distanced uncertain world?”

13/06/2020 Eleven Weeks!!

Well it has been 11 weeks since my symptoms started! When I wrote my blog last weekend I was hopeful that I had seen the back of the after effects of the virus. It had been over a week without symptoms. By Sunday afternoon my optimism was shattered. After doing the hoovering I had aContinue reading “13/06/2020 Eleven Weeks!!”

07/06/2020 Showing our vulnerabilities

Before I talk about showing our vulnerability and the part it plays in us flourishing, I thought I would give you a quick health update. I think it has been around 10 weeks since I first experienced a persistent cough and since then a myriad of other symptoms. I am much better now, the onlyContinue reading “07/06/2020 Showing our vulnerabilities”

04/06/2020 Before we judge, please stop and understand

Last night I watched the wonderful poet Benjamin Zephaniah on Channel 4 News talk about his experience of racism, something that he like all people of colour have endured all their life. I was taken with his advice to all those middle class white people in middle England (like me) who think that it isContinue reading “04/06/2020 Before we judge, please stop and understand”