31/03/2020 Day 7 of the symptoms

It has been nearly a week since I started with symptoms. Yesterday I think was the worst day I have had. The coughing fits seemed more frequent and I was more fatigued than I have been. Last night was pretty rough too, I woke about 2 am with a cough, that just wouldn’t stop. IContinue reading “31/03/2020 Day 7 of the symptoms”

30/03/2020 Well yesterday was pretty rubbish

I mentioned yesterday that day 5 is apparently the peak. I hope it was, I don’t fancy repeating that again. After I wrote my entry yesterday I went back to bed and slept though to the afternoon. I had coughing fits all day, and felt generally awful. Now I know I am getting a mildContinue reading “30/03/2020 Well yesterday was pretty rubbish”

29/03/20 This is day 5, apparently it peaks at day 5

Yesterday I felt bored. I managed to watch 4 films and was bored out of my skull. This I my book was a good thing. This meant I was feeling better, which meant I was nearer recovering and getting back to work. So day 5 wasn’t going to be so bad after all. Well soContinue reading “29/03/20 This is day 5, apparently it peaks at day 5”

28/03/20 Boris, Disney, and coughing

Well it turns out I have something in common with Boris. Get well soon Boris and Matt. This disease does feel like a juggernaut relentlessly rumbling around the world in an unstoppable wave of destruction. The only way to beat this is to stay inside as much as you can. Reducing contact reduces the abilityContinue reading “28/03/20 Boris, Disney, and coughing”

27/03/2020 Sunshine, applause, and gratitude

Wasn’t that emotional last night? I stood on the back step as Lisa and the boys were at the front door and I didn’t want to get too close. For those of you that know me you wont be surprised that I shed a tear. In October last year I gave up my Nursing registrationContinue reading “27/03/2020 Sunshine, applause, and gratitude”

26/03/20 Day 2 of quarantine and appreciating all the compassion there is around us

Only the dog was willing to be in the photograph. Yesterday I started with a persistent cough. That persistent cough has now changed into waves of coughing fits and spikes in temperature. So I fluctuate from feeling OK to feeling really unwell, which is irritating to say the least. My chest is killing me dueContinue reading “26/03/20 Day 2 of quarantine and appreciating all the compassion there is around us”

25/03/2020 How I spent my day off today

I have had this annual leave day planned for a while. Well a month or two. As many others I had one day left to take before the end of March. My assignment is due in for my coaching and mentoring course on Friday so as a last minute Larry I decided to do itContinue reading “25/03/2020 How I spent my day off today”

24/03/2020 Stay at home, save a life.

I missed yesterday, I worked a 12 hour shift and just was too tired to write anything when I got in, plus Boris was on the telly when I got in. Boy a lot has happened since I last wrote an entry. On Sunday after I had finished my entry we raced across to ManchesterContinue reading “24/03/2020 Stay at home, save a life.”

22/03/2020 I applied to go onto the temporary Nursing Register

Back in October I came off the Nursing Register after 30 years. I had changed my role in the NHS to a non-clinical role as a Senior Organisational Development Practitioner and Coaching Lead. I didn’t need to be a Nurse and was certain I would not keep my skills up necessary to maintain my registration.Continue reading “22/03/2020 I applied to go onto the temporary Nursing Register”

21/03/2020 The day the Pubs shut

I was manning the phones on our staff helpline when news came through that all pubs and restaurants would be closing. To be honest we were all expecting it, even wanted it to happen to try to halt the spread of the virus. But when the news came it shocked me, it added to theContinue reading “21/03/2020 The day the Pubs shut”