A sneak preview of chapter 3

Below is the first half of Chapter 3, exploring why we might avoid vulnerability. Let me know what you think. If you want to know how to embrace your vulnerability you will have to wait until the book is done, I don’t want to share too much.. Chapter 3 Do you embrace your vulnerability? TheContinue reading “A sneak preview of chapter 3”

Dealing With The Festive Season.

I know I have probably gone early, but I suppose everyone else has. The mass build up for Christmas starts at the beginning of November, when the first adverts appear on the TV, to such an extent that the release of certain Christmas adverts have become a multi-media event, with people waiting excitedly for themContinue reading “Dealing With The Festive Season.”

Connected Living (what I have so far)

If you have read the outline of my first 2 chapters, thank you. I thought now I would offer you them together to give you an idea how they flow. I am going to put it out there now, that I am thinking once I have finished writing¬† the whole book I might try crowdfundingContinue reading “Connected Living (what I have so far)”

Defining our mission and being present

It has been a fascinating and challenging week with. I have done a lot of coaching/clinical supervision this week.¬† In fact I have coached at least one person every day this week, I also did some work with a team, that is an unusually busy coaching week, normally I will see one or two peopleContinue reading “Defining our mission and being present”

Overview of Chapter 2: What Drives Our Shame

A little earlier than suggeested, but here is a sneak preview of what will be included in the 2nd chapter of Connected Living. This was a bit of a struggle, and quite challenging. So feedback will be much appreciated. Personal messages are helpful. If you do like it please feel free to share with others.Continue reading “Overview of Chapter 2: What Drives Our Shame”

Well that didn’t go as I thought

  You will remember on Monday I was planning on inspiring a group of teenage boys to consider Nursing as a career. I have worked with children for the past 25 years, so you would expect that I would understand how teenagers react to something that is new and maybe challenges their view of theContinue reading “Well that didn’t go as I thought”

A leap of faith

I don’t normally write a blog during the week, as I am usually too done in to think of anything useful to write. Tonight however I feel inspired to write a bit about my day today and to talk about an event that happened nearly a month ago, something that I found myself talking aboutContinue reading “A leap of faith”

Encouraging Men into Nursing

Over recent years I have noticed fewer and fewer men choosing nursing as a career. In fact in my own speciality of Children’s Nursing we haven’t trained any men in training in Hull for a number of years now. There is so much men can offer as a nurse that it would be terrible toContinue reading “Encouraging Men into Nursing”

Entering the arena, sharing and taking feedback with grace

This week I shared with you all the overview of the first chapter of my fledgling book. I copied and pasted it from google docs, put it in italics so you could tell which bit was the exposition. I added a picture than hovered over the publish button, asked myself, ‘should I, or shouldn’t I’,Continue reading “Entering the arena, sharing and taking feedback with grace”