Next Release from Vialetters

The releases are coming thick and fast now. Below is a link to next track via their Facebook page. This is my personal favourite. Above is my favourite picture of the band taken at The New Adelphi in Hull, where bands like Pulp and  The Housemartins cut their teeth. Enjoy and spread the word. StateContinue reading “Next Release from Vialetters”

Vialetters new release  Above is a link to Vialetters new release. If you know me on Facebook you have probably heard it. If not give it a listen. The A side will be dropped soon.  I am being unashamedly a proud Dad, I think it is fantastic, but see what you think. If you like it shareContinue reading “Vialetters new release”

Walking Through Treacle

It was like walking through treacle going to work this morning. My chest was tight, my legs felt like lead, and I had a feeling of impending doom one minute, then a feeling of complete indifference the next. On at least 2 occasions on my way to work I considered turning around and going home andContinue reading “Walking Through Treacle”

Everything Is Going To Be OK

All us adults between 40 and 70  have tried our best to stuff everything up. We were the generations that had it easier than any other generation in the history of the world. In the UK we had universal health care (free at the point of access), free education up to University. Excellent pay and workContinue reading “Everything Is Going To Be OK”

Enjoy The Moment

What a gorgeous weekend it has been. The weather has been truly wonderful. I was cutting the grass this morning and was looking around my garden and thought to myself how lucky I am to be here right now enjoying the sunshine, listening to the birds singing and smelling freshly cut grass. We spend soContinue reading “Enjoy The Moment”

Mix Tape of my 30s and 40s

Here is my last mix tape, bringing up to date with music that I have been listening to for the past 16 years. A soundtrack to my boys growing up into young men, me losing my dad, getting promoted, moving house, struggling with my mental health, it has been an eventful 16 years and I am […]

A Mile A Day….

As you know for the past few months I have been trying to improve my fitness and recently set myself a goal to reduce my weight and increase my fitness. You may also remember that initially I used a couch to 10k app on my phone that started me off walking for a minute andContinue reading “A Mile A Day….”

My Summer Mix Tape

As I have said in a previous blog it is vital for our wellbeing that we have at least an hour of happiness. As you may have realised music is a great source of happiness and contentment to me. As summer is just around the corner and that the weather for the past week hasContinue reading “My Summer Mix Tape”

An Hour of Happiness

I have just delivered a Mental Health Awareness Workshop as part of my day job for staff working with children and young people in ED and the Children’s Wards. What a wonderfully inspiring day as they always are. One of the topics we discuss is looking after your own mental health. I asked everyone presentContinue reading “An Hour of Happiness”