Christmas Spirit is it just for Christmas?

Christmas is all about kindness and happiness. We give each other gifts, visit friends and family, at the very least. Restaurants, Cafes, takeaways and even train stations through open their doors for the homeless. Businesses and individuals donate toys to hospitals, school children collect gifts in shoeboxes to send to countries around the world. ThenContinue reading “Christmas Spirit is it just for Christmas?”

How is your Christmas going?

We are midway through Christmas, so how is it going for you? I always find this part of the holiday the most difficult, stuck between the 2 festivities. For many of us it is a time where we go back to work for a few days, before the New Year celebrations. All in all 27th,Continue reading “How is your Christmas going?”

Coaching Conversations, and Christmas Jumpers

This week has seen my second week learning to juggle being a Teacher Practitioner and Coaching Lead. I wouldn’t say it is any easier, in fact it may actually be getting harder, however as I relax, I am enjoying the challenge more each day. So after a busy weekend taking in the latest projections onContinue reading “Coaching Conversations, and Christmas Jumpers”

Being The New Boy Again

This week I started a new role at work. I have not changed my job completely, I am still the Teacher Practitioner for the Children’s Unit of an Inner City Hospital, however the Organisational Development Department are borrowing me for 2 days a week to help develop a Coaching Service within the Hospital. This roleContinue reading “Being The New Boy Again”

Don’t let Insta-Christmas get in the way of Christmas

For many of us Christmas is a wonderful time of year. But it can be incredibly stressful, trying to create that perfect Christmas experience. We are constantly shown on social media and the TV how to celebrate the perfect Christmas including the perfect tree, decorations, food, drink and gifts just to list a few. WeContinue reading “Don’t let Insta-Christmas get in the way of Christmas”

My Album of The Year

As you all know from my blogs music plays an important part in my life. I take music with me wherever I go. Whether that be on my run, on the way to work, in my office and in the seminar rooms just before teaching. Music can provide a narrative to what is going onContinue reading “My Album of The Year”

What does coaching offer?

Before I trained to be a coach I had no idea what a coach was outside of sports coaching. I am not surprised then that most people really don’t have a clue what coaching really is. As I have coached more and more I find it easier to articulate what coaching is, and what itContinue reading “What does coaching offer?”