Please lets look for what unites us?

I normally avoid current affairs and politics on my blog, but I feel I need to write about what is happening in the UK right now. Every time I turn on the news, open my phone or computer, I am bombarded with anger, accusations, mistrust and disconnection, and worst of all I am drawn intoContinue reading “Please lets look for what unites us?”

I need a re-charge

What is really funny is that over the past couple of weeks I have been writing about and researching resilience, not noticing that I was becoming less and less resilient myself. For the 2 or 3 weeks now I have been running around tending to others needs and delivering content. Now I get a lotContinue reading “I need a re-charge”

How Do We Know if We Are Truly Resilient?

I have got a couple resilience projects on the go at work (in collaboration with some wonderful people) and this has peaked my interest in the subject and encouraged me to do a little bit of further reading around the subject. It has made me realise that my approach to coaching whether that be insideContinue reading “How Do We Know if We Are Truly Resilient?”

A Week of Compassion and Ethics

Before I start talking about what has happened to me this week, I would just like to share something that I am noticing about myself at the moment. My weeks seem to be going a lot faster at the moment. I know it is a very middle aged British thing to say. It must beContinue reading “A Week of Compassion and Ethics”

Is Spring in The Air?

What a fantastic morning it is this morning in East Yorkshire. After such a stormy few days, wondered to myself when I was taking the the dog out, is Spring in the air? The daffodils are blooming, there are buds on the trees, there is birdsong in the air and the sun is shining. ThereContinue reading “Is Spring in The Air?”

Learning to Supervise and Connecting With Like Minded Souls

Thursday and Friday saw me in Leeds with my friend and colleague Becky, on a Coaching Supervision course. What a restorative couple of days it was too. I met up with some amazing fellow coaches, who have the same outlook on life and coaching as me. We all work for the NHS around Yorkshire inContinue reading “Learning to Supervise and Connecting With Like Minded Souls”

Growing Up Can Be Great Fun

Since my blog last week I have been pondering the worries, and anxieties we experience when we are growing up. Exams, deciding on our careers, the pressure of succeeding, coming to terms with our identity, forming relationships, grappling with our sexuality and whether we are getting enough of it, and learning how to be anContinue reading “Growing Up Can Be Great Fun”

Mixed Emotions

Yesterday was a day of mixed emotions. I was excited, proud, reminiscent, scared, and sad. Yesterday we took our eldest for an open day and interview at The BIMM Institute (British and Irish Modern Music Institute) in Manchester (I know, how cool is that!). On the drive down there was a sense of excitement inContinue reading “Mixed Emotions”