Feeling a bit meh?

Well that title sort of sums up my week really. Not exactly miserable, but not motivated enough really to do anything. From a health and fitness point of view nothing seems to be working fast enough for me this week. I am not really losing any weight and I don’t feel any fitter really. AsContinue reading “Feeling a bit meh?”

Is social media getting you down?

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are wonderful, for sharing what you are doing with your friends, connecting with customers and keeping in contact with friends and family far afield. If we are doing something¬† exciting or different we love to put a picture on to let everyone know what that we areContinue reading “Is social media getting you down?”

Do you get your excuses in early

Before I gave up smoking, I used to tell myself I had an addictive personality, that is why I can't give up.Does that sound familiar, in fact I heard it today. It is just an excuse, because we don't believe we can achieve.The person today is incredibly talented, intelligent, professional and driven, but they areContinue reading “Do you get your excuses in early”

Not another blog on coaching!

I imagine there are a number of you out there, that are sceptical of coaching. Is it just another American craze? Coaching is popular in America, however a number of the pioneers in coaching were British. Let me try to explain coaching as I understand it, and how I approach it. As we move throughContinue reading “Not another blog on coaching!”

Now you have your reason, what next?

So you have found a reason to make a change and that reason moves towards a positive future rather than moving away from a negative past. But how do you get to your positive future? What happens next is crucial if you want to make a lasting difference, and not crash and burn in aContinue reading “Now you have your reason, what next?”

Have a compelling reason to change

At some point in our lives I suppose we all decide to change something in our life that we think is unhealthy, or limiting us. For me this has been especially acute as I travel through middle age, and parts of your body don’t seem to work as well as they used to. It doesn’tContinue reading “Have a compelling reason to change”

Are you satisfied with your life

From time to time I feel dissatisfied with my life. I feel I should be more than I am, that I do not live up to my potential. I should have a higher paid job, I should be living in a big house, driving a fancy car, going on exotic holidays. I should be moreContinue reading “Are you satisfied with your life”