Recorded Personal Leadership Webinars

A series of recorded personal leadership webinars sent to your inbox, each lasting a couple of hours, on managing well-being, having difficult conversations, and managing change.


£5 per webinar

1:1 Personal Coaching (Via Video Messenger)

Time and space to think through and make plans for whatever you face, whether that is a change of career, a change in lifestyle or how to navigate the uncertain world we live in.

Price :

£45 per session

1:1 Video Messenger Leadership Coaching

This is an ideal way to access one to one coaching in the comfort of your own home for an affordable price. This coaching gives you the opportunity and space to do some thinking about your personal and professional development, by raising awareness of your areas of skill and your areas that need development, whilst paying attention to what you value.


£45 per session

Skills for Leadership Package

A minimum of 6 one to one coaching sessions, that will create a bespoke leadership development package centred on effective leadership communication, including having difficult conversations and using a coaching a approach.


£300 per 6 session block

Developing a Mission Statement Package

Life is never straightforward, and events generally conspire to knock us off course, discovering and developing your personal mission statement, helps you get back on course. Over a minimum of 6 one to one coaching sessions you will discover, your core values, what motivates you, what inspires you, what moves you to action and how you influence others. Through this reflection you will discover what your mission in life is, we will then work together to write your mission statement.


£150 per 6 session block (introductory offer)

For more details email

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