Never Give Up

News for James Campbell – 27-8-16 Pictured is Mahe Fonua celebrating scoring a try during the Challenge cup final between Hull FC and Warrington Wolves at Wembley stadium. Picture: Peter Harbour

Hull FC proved the point yesterday. Never accept that you cannot succeed until the game or the project is over.

They showed steely determination right to the end to ensure their victory  in an incredibly high pressure atmosphere (I doubt there is a less high pressure game in Rugby League).

They played to their strengths and drew on their preparation to get the result they so desired.

Their goal was clear, be the first Hull FC team to win the Challenge Cup at Wembley. To achieve this goal they had trained and prepared for what was about to happen.

When they went behind it would have been easy to crumble under the pressure against a talented Warrington side. They didn’t , they kept their goal in mind and all believed they could achieve it.

It is important to keep your goal in mind and as mentioned before plan meticulously how you are going to achieve your goal. However you have also got to be prepared for setbacks and missed steps. It is important to anticipate these and build flexibility into your plans, that keep your goal at the centre.

I don’t like to use the word failure as this has a finality about it. Failure assumes you have come to the end of your journey. Missed steps and set backs assume that you are still on your journey to achieve your goal, and just need to revisit your plans and choose a different approach. One thing is certain, if you accept failure and give up you will not achieve your goal. If you are flexible and willing to adjust your plans you will achieve your goal eventually.

Reassess your route if necessary, but keep going and never give up.

Easier said than done, I hear you shout. Well yes it is, when faced with set backs and missed steps it can often seem fruitless to continue. If you feel like this revisit your goal. Ask yourself how much you want your goal. Can you imagine living in a world where you have achieved this goal? What does it feel like for you? What do your friends and family think about your success? If you struggle to imagine any of this, then maybe your goal is unrealistic. Adjust your goal to something you are comfortable to achieve. It is likely that your original goal is realistic only you do not believe you can achieve it just yet. By setting goals that you know you can achieve, can start you on that journey to your ultimate (original goal).

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