Can we really be whatever we want to be?

I was reading an inspirational post on Facebook today, like many I have shared in the past. It got me thinking can we really be whatever we want to be?

When I was young I wanted to be a Soldier, Rugby Player, Rock Star and an Actor (not all at the same time). I ended up being a Nurse!

So can we really be whatever we want to be? 

In a way yes. We have just got to really want it. Saying you want to be something is not anywhere near the same as really wanting it.

To be successful in anything you have to put the work in, you have got to want it so much that you will not give up on it. 

We can all be successful at something but it might not be the first thing that you think you want. 

I wanted to be an actor but I did not have the inclination to learn lines, I could not be bothered to put the effort in, I liked the idea of being an actor but was not prepared to do the boring bit. I liked playing rugby but I hated the fitness training so was never going to get better at playing as I was not fit enough. 

When I was 16 I decided I wanted to be a Nurse, so I volunteered at a hospital and loved everything about it and from that point on all I wanted to be was a Nurse. All the way through my training I never wavered, even when I failed an exam, I was determined to be a nurse. I enjoyed it enough to be successful.

The key to success is simple find the one thing you love to do above all else, and do that. You will be a success because you will not mind putting the effort in.

The sky is the limit if you want to put the work in.


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Performance and Life Coach

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