Over the weekend I went to Chester with my family, minus my eldest as he was working and rehearsing for a play, so Jack's girlfriend came instead.
In that first paragraph is a first already, in fact something I feel I need to discuss straight away.
Leaving Ben alone for 3 nights for the first time ever! He is 17 and very sensible but this was definitely a challenge for us. He was cool about it (of course he was). I was quietly terrified and Lisa was outwardly nervous. Lisa was worried about teenage drug parties and the total destruction of our house. My terror was the has being burnt down by a forgotten cheesy chip wrap left in a 200 degree oven with Ben asleep in front of the TV. I don't know about you, but my terror seems much more believable, especially if you have ever met my son. Thankfully none of these disasters materialised and the only drama was nearly running out of cheese.
Back to Chester. The reason we went to Chester was to celebrate my niece finishing her degree in Mental Health Nursing. Here is a message to all those teens that are either in 6th form or waiting to go and are worried that they don't know what to do in life. Don't panic, it is never too late to change you mind and succeed. When Katie first left school she wanted to embark on one career path, then quickly discovered that was not for her. She then started work in a care home and found her chosen career. After a lot of hard work Katie has now reached her goal. She has done incredibly well, that is down purely to the fact that she wanted it more than anything and was prepared to do the work. Once you find that desire you will succeed.
Thank you Katie for an inspiring weekend. And thank you to Ben for not burning our house down and showing us what I already knew, that you are a responsible young man.


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