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I imagine there are a number of you out there, that are sceptical of coaching. Is it just another American craze?
Coaching is popular in America, however a number of the pioneers in coaching were British. Let me try to explain coaching as I understand it, and how I approach it.
As we move through our life we are taught the rules of our society, how to behave, what to do and what not to do. When we go to School we are taught skills and knowledge to enable us to contribute to society. Then when we start out in our career we are taught the skills and knowledge to perform our jobs. We also learn the skills necessary to carry out our hobbies.

This is described as the rules to the external game, something we are taught by more experienced people, mentors and teachers if you like. This is the passing down of knowledge.

Now some of us appear to be successful when it comes to understanding and operating within the rules of the external game. That is down to how we perceive and interact with these rules. Our attitude towards the external world if you like.

That is what an Executive Coach, Life Coach, Career Coach does they help people use the external game to their own advantage.

As a coach I help to tweak your internal game, how you feel and interact with the external game. So everything you do and decide comes from within yourself and not from the coach.

The relationship between coach and client is equal. The effect on both the client and coach when it works is quite incredible.

If you want to try it out for free get in touch. If it is not for you, all you have lost is an hour in your day.



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