28 years


28 years ago today, I left my home in Chester and travelled to Hull to embark on my new life as a Nurse.

It was a Sunday as it is this year, I started my Nurse training on Monday 2nd October 1989. The 1st and 2nd October are two monumental dates in the history of my life. They marked the end of my childhood, the first day of my career as a Nurse and the beginning of my life in Hull.

I will always remember 1st October 1989, my emotions throughout the day swung from excitement, to fear, and to sadness. The excitement of starting a new life in a new city, was tinged fear of what the future held and a sadness of leaving my childhood behind. As well as leaving my childhood I was leaving my Mum. Me and mum had been a team for the past 5 years, it had just been me and her. She described me as her rock through a challenging period for our family. But she was the rock, she was and is my hero. Despite being her rock, she encouraged and supported me to pursue my dream, despite that meaning I would leave home. Throughout my career and my adult life she has always been there, supporting me and guiding me without imposing her own opinions and feelings. Thank you Mum for being my coach and hero.

As with everyone the first few weeks away from home were a struggle, getting used to cooking for yourself, and the dealing with being homesick (this was the first time in my life I had been away from my Mum for more than a weekend). When we are 18 we desperately want to be independent, until that moment comes when you have you wash and iron your uniform.

Being surrounded by some wonderful people (my fellow Student Nurses and Teaching Staff at Hull District School of Nursing) meant that it did not take long to adjust to my new world.

28 years later I am still here, and would never change any of it. I live in any amazing city, with my amazing family doing a job I love surrounded by some incredible people.

If you have just said goodbye to one of your children or to your parents, it is painful in the short-term, but keep focused on your ultimate goal. Remember no matter what happens or how it works out this moment is the beginning of an amazing adventure.

If you would like support with issues discussed above, get in touch. The first session is free.


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