Time to connect!

I have been writing a book and based my approach to coaching on the idea of connected living.

The idea is that we first need to connect and understand ourselves before effectively connecting with those around us. So if we pay attention to ourselves and treat ourselves well, we will be better able to pay attention to those around us.

Now this is nothing new, and is based on some sound research conducted by many great minds such as Brene Brown and Martin Seligman to name just 2. Connected Living is my take on these findings, basically this is how I make sense of it, therefore there will be some of you may well find it helpful too. Now I am halfway through writing the book, so it will be some time before you will be able to read it.

Don’t worry though, if you want to find out more, you can search my blog for plenty of tips. I will also give you a checklist you can use as a starter in this blog. If you live in Hull or East Yorkshire you can book a series of coaching sessions to work through the connected living process face to face, or if you live further away, you can connect with me via messenger or video messenger to go through the process. Even better news is that all my packages are half price if you book them in January 2020. If you are not sure have a free chemistry meeting on me. So here is the Connected Living Checklist to get you started:

  • Check your well-being; do you have positive emotion daily, are you engaged in activity daily, do you have positive relationships, does your life hold meaning, when did you last accomplish something?
  • Explore your view of the world
  • Practice viewing your world from a different perspective
  • Understand why you react to events the way you do
  • Practice responding rather than reacting
  • Understand why you behave the way you do
  • Understand you preference for decision making
  • Discover why you are attracted to certain people
  • Explore whether you are connecting to the right people
  • Discover why you need to connect with others
  • Appreciate that others are as complex as you
  • Commit to action

If you want to put the checklist into action get in touch have the first session on me and then take advantage of half price sessions if you book in January 2020.

Start making the most of your life now.


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

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