30/03/2020 Well yesterday was pretty rubbish

I mentioned yesterday that day 5 is apparently the peak. I hope it was, I don’t fancy repeating that again.

After I wrote my entry yesterday I went back to bed and slept though to the afternoon. I had coughing fits all day, and felt generally awful. Now I know I am getting a mild version of this virus. I can still manage to eat and drink and I am managing to stay at home. Want I want to be clear is that I am not feeling sorry for myself, but what I want to do is to highlight what it feels like to have the symptoms of this virus and how important it is to isolate and not spread this virus. Even at it’s mildest it is really quite rubbish, and we know for a significant number of people it is deadly. So please stay at home.

I was hoping that today I would be feeling a lot better. Maybe I was being a little unrealistic. My chest is tight and is really hurting. My cough overnight seem better, but is back with a vengeance this morning. My head feels hot and it feels like I have pins sticking into my scalp. Most of all I feel beaten up. Maybe this is just the last throws of the virus and I will start feeling better this afternoon.

Obviously at the moment I am sat or laying on my sofa staring out of the window, and I am noticing how many people I have never seen before are walking down my street. Now it is wonderful that people are taking exercise, but I think we all need to think about how far we are walking and how necessary all these trips are. We have to remember why we are being asked to stay at home. This is to slow and eventually stop the progress of this virus. So looking for loopholes in rules to try and get out as frequently as you can is working against this. If you have an elderly or vulnerable relative or neighbour then please stay in for them. If you keep looking for excuses to go out you are putting them at risk, maybe not straight away but maybe 6 months down the line. I know it takes a mindset shift that is not easy. The stark question you need to ask yourself is; what is more important you going for a stroll or someone’s life? If you stay in you will be saving not just one life but potentially hundreds of lives.

This has taken me ages to write so I am going to sign off now. Stay inside, stay safe, save a life.


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

2 thoughts on “30/03/2020 Well yesterday was pretty rubbish

  1. I’ve been the same and I’m on day 6, rang 111 saturday and he told me I didnt have as I haven’t had a temp but had all other symptoms, been in bed since tuesday. Hope you feel better soon

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  2. Day 5 6 and 7 were awful sorry to say. However day 8 and I’ve slowly got more energy as the day has gone on. Headache has finally started to ease and the cough has eased too. I don’t feel quite as black and blue as I did and actually managed to string sentences together that make sense. I hope you feel better each day. Have the hot drinks and lemon ready and paracetamol as I’m sure you have. Stay safe and lots of rest.

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