22/04/20 Back to square one

I didn’t write an update yesterday, and today’s is going to be very short. Yesterday my symptoms came back with a vengeance. I went to work but did not last long. I felt a little off first thing but thought it was just morning grogginess. After a couple of hours I was quite breathless, had waves of nausea, and felt dizzy. I went home, the cough then started and just got worse and worse throughout the day. At one point I felt as bad as I have ever felt.

Today I have coughed felt dizzy and have been extremely tired. Today is day 28! It has been a month! I am sorry I cannot think of anything positive to say today. My lungs hurt and I am thoroughly fed up.

I am not going to write any blog updates for a bit until I have something more positive to say.

Stay in, stay safe.


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

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2 thoughts on “22/04/20 Back to square one

  1. Hey Matty, I got the virus at the end of February and it was a mild case that didn’t require hospitalization although it knocked me for six. I am only just getting my strength back, for example, I can now stand up with just the use of 1 walking stick. You have survived this and you will regain your strength. Take it easy, be kind to yourself and you will get there. Kind regards, Trish

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  2. Your personal insight into Covid 19 is or real interest Matt to many people I am sure ! Positive or Negative. Sorry to hear you are not feeing better despite it now being 28 days. Increase your uptake of anything that counters free radicals….. Good Book ”Vitamin C – The Master Nutrient” – I know you won’t be fit enough to read it – but get 1000 mg Vit C effervescent. Huge dose Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) was used to treat Cancer and Aids at various points in time. Keep Fighting !


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