14/05/20 Learning how to talk to strangers

Today was better than yesterday which was better than the day before. On the advice of my GP I bought an oxygen saturation monitor. I have noticed that I will have to be mindful not to become obsessed with using it. I am restricting myself to using it when I feel unwell or breathless. It has reassured me that I do not need to rush to hospital.

In between checking my oxygen saturation levels and heart rate, I have spent most of the day reading. I want to make sure my mind stays as active as is possible, to help me when I am working. I have been reading a fascinating book by Malcolm Gladwell called Talking to Strangers. He explains why we misunderstand strangers, and why most of us find it nearly impossible to tell when we are being lied to. If you like reading and want to know more about why you are so rubbish at talking to and understanding what strangers truly mean, then buy this book.

I so want to tell you what I understand the book to be about, but I wont spoil it for you.

Today has been a stimulating day, which is exactly what I needed. I need to get back to stretching myself intellectually everyday, so when I am ready to work full time I am able to work effectively all day. I was gentle with myself today, giving myself plenty of breaks to ensure I did not lose concentration, and tire myself too much. Tomorrow I am working from home with plans to start writing some video presentations on coaching and leadership therefore I did not want to over do it today, but at the same time keep my mind active.

If you are at home, either working for home, shielding or sick, then it is so vital to develop a routine. A routine that is stimulating, stretches you in some way and is fun. As I mention a lot in these blogs, it is the uncertainty of our circumstances that makes us feel so uncomfortable and in many ways unsafe. If we can create a level of certainty in our own lives by creating a routine in our lives that is enjoyable and productive then we can go some way to easing our anxieties. It will not remove them completely and it should not. This pandemic is terrible and we must not lose sight of that, however we can not change that, but we can influence what happens in our lives. So create a routine, and if that routine for you includes reading then get online and order “Talking to Strangers” by Malcolm Gladwell, it is a fascinating read.

Stay home, stay safe and I will see you all soon.


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

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