13/06/2020 Eleven Weeks!!

Well it has been 11 weeks since my symptoms started!

When I wrote my blog last weekend I was hopeful that I had seen the back of the after effects of the virus. It had been over a week without symptoms. By Sunday afternoon my optimism was shattered. After doing the hoovering I had a tickle in the back of my throat, chest pain, indigestion, breathlessness and a splitting headache. This is not unusual after some exercise I had been experiencing a bit of this, but it would normally subside quickly. This time it persisted and stayed with me the rest of the day, along with a fuzzy head and an inability to focus on any tasks.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were the same, I managed to get work done, but it was a struggle everyday. Working from home and not having to commute was a godsend, I don’t think I would have managed to work if I had to travel in. Thursday started off the same, but by lunch time I was feeling a lot better. I felt mentally brighter and far more positive. By the evening the headache and chest pain had returned but I brushed it off assuming it will go away overnight.

Thursday night was a restless night, Friday morning saw the dry cough return. I had a persistent cough all day. It was just like the first day all over again. At one point I wondered if I had been reinfected. But how? I have hardly left the house. It has also crossed my mind that it is in my head, perhaps some psychosomatic response to lockdown and the virus. Am I experiencing a form of hysteria? To be honest I don’t know what to make of it anymore. I have read a few articles about people experiencing similar symptoms, and I do wonder if there is a mixture of inflammatory response and a psychological response. In fact as I write this, it has triggered a question. I am wondering if there has been or if there is any ongoing research into this? I think I will ask the question of some of my Psychologist colleagues. I might just do a quick literature search later.

So quick symptom update this morning, all the symptoms are still there, just sort of hanging out in the background. So hopefully I have seen the back of this for a while.

If anyone knows of any research let me know, also if you are experiencing similar symptoms, you are not alone, and no you are not going mad this is a real thing. The positive thing is, is that I am learning to adapt and work with it, so I can continue to be productive.

Stay safe everyone


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

2 thoughts on “13/06/2020 Eleven Weeks!!

  1. Snap, it’s so frustrating isn’t it. I have been told they are identifying a post COVID syndrome in some people where some symptoms persist and they’re unsure why. I share your pain Matt

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  2. Hi Matt, sorry to see the symptoms return. I hope it’s not a return of what you’ve had, and maybe just a dose of something less sinister.
    We now have Alison’s mother who went into hospital last weekend, testing negative when she went in, but after she was released to Alison on the Monday, then to be told she was now positive. This is a big problem now as Alison is now feeling unwell, same symptoms as yourself and sweating madly on a night.
    The problem is that Alison was in hospital for a week last summer with pneumonia, so putting her in high risk.
    She is having to stay at her mother and also caring for her mother is not ideal.
    It would be nice to get your thoughts on this as I feel she has been left on her own with this and Pals are saying it was okay to let her mother out without informing any one that she was positive! Look forward to hearing from you and I do hope you are feeling better yourself.


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