I am ready for a rest

I have felt exhausted this week! It has not been exceptionally busy for me this week, I think it has just been a cumulative effect. Since Christmas it has felt a bit like a whirlwind. Planning and delivering bitesize leading through COVID training, running management clinics, providing staff support drop ins around the hospital for various teams, offering a lot of one to one coaching for people and learning about team coaching.

It has been amazing and I have learned so much about myself, the resilience of our amazing healthcare professionals and leadership. In fact I have I have been so inspired, that as mentioned in last weeks blog I have started a project collecting reflections of leadership through this crisis. If I had thought about embarking on this project carefully I would never have started it. The work involved makes me feel a little sick. But then the stories are so inspirational that they are worth the effort. After hearing one of them last night I felt energised, and so privileged to have heard it, and most importantly privileged to know the person sharing their story.

So I know I need the rest, and boy was I tired yesterday, by 2pm I was ready to go home, but I had a meeting to attend at 3. A really important that I was keen to be a part of, but it did tatie up a huge amount of energy to get through it. I so wanted to be enthusiastic but I felt so flat. I had nothing left to give. I was so pleased to get home, and have our Friday Takeaway treat, followed by that inspirational interview. Listening to her story recharged me, the words were washing over me, and inspiring me to keep my purpose clear. So thank you.

Myself and Lisa have been watching Homeland from the beginning on Netflix and we are now on to Season 8, so we sat down for the rest of the evening absorbed in the world of Carrie and Saul and all things espionage.

I slept really well last night, and have woken this morning rested, and looking forward to another 2 interviews. Then a week of interviews and birthday celebrations ahead, albeit in a lockdown. Yes it is my birthday this week, believe it or not I am 50, I know difficult to believe. I don’t mind being in lockdown, to be honest I am just looking forward to chilling out for the week.

Stay safe, and be kind to both yourself and others.


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Performance and Life Coach

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