On the evening of the 28th May 2002, we had tea, Ben was bathed and in bed, so I decided to spend some quiet time playing Championship Manager (now called Football Manager and still a bit of an obsession of mine) on my desktop. I was upstairs in our bedroom, as my old computer room had been converted into a nursery for the impending arrival of our second child.

The weather outside was awful, it has pouring down. Lisa was pottering about downstairs, she had mentioned earlier that she wanted some stones from the front garden, some nice rounded ones for some plant pots. I did not quite understand why and had not really paid much attention. Just as I had started the game she came upstairs. “Are you going to get me those stones?” I looked out the window. “Have you seen the weather?” “But I need them now!” She exclaimed with that impatient pregnant woman look. I looked at my computer screen, sighed then huffed and puffed, and went downstairs, expressing my displeasure as I went. I pulled on my shoes and coat was handed a plant pot and stormed outside in search of nice round stones. “Make sure they are nice.” she requested with a smile, that was not returned by myself. I stomped around the garden collecting round stones getting soaked to the skin. On completion of my task I went back into the house dripping and pissed off. “Here are your effing stones.” I went back upstairs and resumed my disastrous management of Manchester United. After about 30 minutes Lisa came back upstairs and started running a bath, and was then open and closing wardrobe doors and generally banging around. I turned round and in a sarcastic tone said…”what on earth are you doing? Have you gone into labour or something?” “Yes I think I might be!” “Oh! Oh!”

I didn’t drive, so Lisa’s Mum and Brother came. Her brother stayed to look after Ben and her Mum dropped us off at the Maternity hospital. Sue arrived at our house suitably stressed to be greeted by a very calm Lisa who was blow drying her hair. I can safely say she was the only one that was calm at that point.

That night was a long uncomfortable night for both of us. Me in a chair and Lisa having periodic labour pains. The long night, was followed by a long uncomfortable morning (for Lisa) with our new baby reluctant to make an appearance. By late morning it was clear he would need some assistance to come into the world. Lisa had, had a section when Ben was born, and we were all worrying she would need another. They decided to move us to Theatre and deliver him there. Jack eventually came into the world just after lunch on 29th May 2002 delivered by forceps. He was gorgeous! Granted he had a bit of a squashed head, but he was such a cute baby, who turned into a cute toddler, who turned into cute little boy, who turned into a handsome, sensitive, caring, talented, creative young man. Happy 19th Birthday Little Fella. We are so proud of you.


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

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