5 Step Guide to Living a Value Based Life

1. Connect to Your Story

Listen to and understand what you are telling yourself and what you are feeling. Recognise where they come from. Let them inform you, not define you.

2. Connect With What You Value

Identify your most important values. What motivates you? What moves you into action? What you cannot imagine being without? What do you use to influence others?

3. Connect to The Present

Spend a moment everyday practicing just noticing what is happening around you. Hold your thoughts and emotions lightly, let them pass without attaching yourself to them.

4. Connect to What Helps and Disconnect From What is Unhelpful

Use your thoughts and emotions as data, that can either help or hinder your journey. Choose the data that will serve you well, but don’t hold on to any of it too tightly.

5. Connect With Your Future

Make changes based on what you value using your thoughts and emotions as data to help you plan your future actions. Challenge yourself.


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

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