That Sunday Feeling

Sundays conjure up so many memories, emotions, and sensations. The smell of bacon cooking in the morning, the sound of the radio playing in the background, laying in bed all day nursing a hangover, trips to the seaside, walks by the river, roast dinners, cups of tea, the Sunday Matinee, getting ready for school the next day.

As I close my eyes and can see Sundays gone by, some sad, some happy. Sundays have always been a special day for me. My memories of Sundays as a child were always in the spring or summer, my time spent playing out in front of our house with my friends, normally re-enacting an episode of CHiPS from the night before (if you are of a certain age you will will remember. Sunday dinner was at 3pm (if I remember to coincide with the pubs closing). After dinner we would sit down and watch the Sunday matinee (normally a war film or a western). Dad (if he was not at sea) would snore on the sofa, sleeping off his lunchtime trip to the pub and his roast beef and yorkshire puddings. After the film I would go back out to play until I was called in for tea (cold meet from dinner in sandwiches), then it would be bath and hair wash ready for school the next day.

As a teenager Sundays were less fun as they normally involved me frantically trying to get a weeks worth of homework into a couple of hours. I would do this feeling fed up listening to the top 40 then Annie Nightingale on Radio 1. Listening to Annie for an hour always made me feel better, she would normally read out letters from fellow teenagers also feeling the pain of homework.

As a Student Nurse, my Sundays were spent either working or nursing a hangover after being at Spiders on Saturday night.

When children came along our Sundays eventually were spent at the side of football pitches cheering our boys on. That would normally take all day with one playing in the morning and one over lunchtime. Then it would be making Sunday dinner and getting ready for the working/school week. Sundays were wonderful and stressful all at the same time.

Now the boys have left home, we have the Sundays to ourselves, we are not terribly exciting though. Most Sundays we have a lazy morning listening to BBC Radio 6 Music, then do the housework, some gardening, then make dinner, and spend the evening watching TV.

From my childhood to the present day music has always provided a soundtrack to my Sundays, either via the radio, tapes, LPs and now streaming it has been a constant. This morning I have spent my time putting together a playlist of music that sums up that Sunday feeling for me.

Please give it a listen if you can.


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