What is a Coach in Your Pocket?

A few days ago I tweeted about a way of working with a coach that is accessible for a busy lifestyle and and is affordable (I mean really affordable).

It is a digital/remote form of coaching that allows you the flexibility to engage with coaching when it is convenient for you. The only commitment from yourself is to attend an initial scene setting and contracting meeting, either face to face or via video messenger, then pick up your voice notes via whatsapp listen to them, take action and drop me a message in response, and then attend a review meeting again via video messenger.

So here is how it works:

  • You get in touch with me to arrange an initial meeting.
  • We hold the initial meeting via video messenger or in person. The meeting will last about an hour and half and is free. In this meeting we will talk about what it is you want to achieve, and set a goal and a timeframe. We will start a priority action list, agree what your first action is. We agree on frequency and the level of challenge and support you need and when you want it to start, and we set a review date.
  • You agree to start coaching, you pay the first monthly payment (a minimum of £10 up to £30 a month depending on frequency of voice notes)
  • After first payment you will receive voice notes to prompt action, support you, and provide challenge to help you maintain focus on your goal. You respond to voice notes via text to let me know how things are going, such as what challenges you are facing or how will it is going so I can tailor my voice notes to meet your needs.
  • After specified time we meet again to review progress, to either end the coaching or continue.
  • You can cancel at any time.

This coaching approach works wonderfully for any goal you might have, such as stopping smoking, getting fit, weight loss, career change, improving confidence, increasing motivation.


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

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