Next step for Vialetters

Vialetters (my eldest is the Bass player), have taken the next step to getting their music to a wider audience.

Through their persistence and hard work, the band have managed to get a song professionally produced and have released on Spotify. Their level headed and patient approach to working towards their dream is inspirational. They are under no illusion they have a long to go to realise their dream. Each time they perform and write new songs the nearer they get to that dream. If you have Spotify have a listen, if you like it add it to one of your playlists and share it. I think it is brilliant but I am biased.

Vialetters- Geosmin


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

2 thoughts on “Next step for Vialetters

  1. You should be proud Matty! they are sounding very promising.. I’ve been listening to Geosmin all week all the way from New Zealand (although I’m originally from Liverpool! Haha) reminded me of a great band that passed away last year, viola beach.. Looks like their spirits live on! Good luck to the lads and hope they come to NZ soon, I’ll be sure to check them out…geemdee


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