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Yesterday I told you about my new coaching program, Connected Living. The concept of Connected living came from an idea I had a few months ago entitled The Connected Organisation. Essentially the concept is the same, you first start with the individual and once the individual (the leader) is able to connect with themselves, then they can then start connecting with their team members. The idea being that teams then become, resilient, agile and interdependent internally and with their stakeholders.

The origins of the concept comes from a number of conversations I have had with colleagues and friends about new leadership development programs that we have encountered over the years that have greeted with enthusiasm only to fall by the wayside, once the novelty has worn off. When times get hard we all tend to revert back to comfortable well rehearsed behaviour patterns (habits). Now there is plenty of research based programs and self-help books that teach us how to change our habits, and if you are invested in them they do work. I have definitely changed some of my habits using, books by Steve Peters and Stephen Covey. The knack then is to create a compelling reason to change collective habits that are holding organisations back.

Therefore The Connected Organisation along with Connected Living are not reinventing the wheel, it’s about working with key individuals who then connect with key individuals.


So when working with individuals in an organisation there is an element of instruction and coaching to enable those individuals to cascade and coach for connection within their teams. The instruction is simply some coaching concepts, practice and support. The rest of the time is spent coaching the individual to connect with themselves and then connecting with the team.

Connecting with the team explores the history and the culture of the team, what the leader sees as the purpose of the team. What the leader sees as the strengths and weaknesses of the team. What are the team values, and are they congruent with the values of the wider organisation. Is there a perceived gap between the teams values and the teams actions. zen-2040340__340

Once they have started to create a connection with the team as a whole, then the leader is able to start to connect with the individuals in the team using the coaching skills and knowledge they have learned within this program. To ensure the coaching the leaders is giving is useful the leader needs to connect with other leaders for supervision and support on a regular basis, to prevent the shift back to old habits.

I am still adding the detail to The Connected Organisation before it is ready to be rolled out. If you are interested in exploring this approach further, please get in touch.



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