My 2018

Thinking about 2018 now, I have realised how busy I have been, turning myself into a coach and growing in confidence.

I have to start my year actually in December 2017 where for me the shift in my life started. In December 2017 I was seconded for 2 days a week into the Organisational Development team of the Hospital I work in (my substantive role was Clinical Nurse Educator for the Children’s Nursing Team). I was seconded to be Coaching Lead for the Hospital. My role was to set up and maintain a coaching and mentoring network. This included working alongside my friend and mentor Anthony Owen to deliver the ILM level 5 Coaching and Mentoring Certificate (through Leeds Beckett University) locally. Anthony does all the teaching and I make sure everyone gets to the modules and have all the materials. I am also constantly learning from Anthony. We are currently on our second cohort of coaches, and we now have around 30 coaches, coaching staff in the hospital. This year has been such a steep learning curve, and at times very stressful making sure everyone is in the right place with the right materials (we have had the odd hiccup) but most of all providing support and a listening ear to the trainees. So onwards and upwards with the coaching network, we plan to run another cohort later this year to maintain a steady amount of coaches, and to support coaching in the local health economy.

As well as the formal certificated coaching qualification, we provide introduction to coaching and manager as a coach training. This is provided bite-size sessions, which are very useful to expose leaders to a coaching approach. The only problem is they are too short to provide a meaningful impact on the culture of leadership. Now my boss Lucy and the rest of the Organisational Development team have been working hard on various leadership programmes that were crying out for a robust coaching course to complement them. So I have spent the last few months of this year working on a revamped and extended manager as a coach program that over 3 days provides more coaching practice that works well as a companion piece for our leadership programmes. This sounds a bit like a training brochure! I am so passionate about coaching and developing a compassionate supportive approach to leadership that I get a little carried away.

Earlier in the year I was invited by my other friend and mentor Janis Hostad (my work Mum) to support her train nurses in and support a hospital wide roll out of Clinical Supervision (essentially coaching for Nurses), and her long-time collaborator was about to retire. So I went along to Janis’s and Lorna’s training. Within 10 minutes of the training it was as if I had come home. I felt so lucky, not only was I being paid to coach and teach coaching, I was now going to be paid to teach clinical supervision, alongside 2 of the best people I know. I love working with Janis, and we are so excited about the clinical supervision we are teaching and providing that we are planning to edit a new book on the subject, so watch this space. We have got so much to do though so the book will take a while. We have got 300 nurses to train to be clinical supervisors, we are presently training supervisors and trainers to help us get through such a large number of nurses. 2019 will certainly be a busy year, but also an amazing year working alongside some great people.

In the summer I started to think about how people can change their lives by changing the way they view their world and themselves. So I decided to put together a presentation called connected living, this gave me an idea about writing a book and developing a coaching programme. So at first I put together 2 coaching programmes a 6 session programme entitled connected self and a 12 session programme entitled connected living. (if you are interested get in touch) I have also started writing the book (as you may have noticed), and I am planning to self publish later this year.

2018 has been pretty special for me, it has been the year where I have found my tribe and my confidence. On the way I have become friends with some incredible people who have helped me move in the direction I wanted to go. To top it all I was given the job of coaching lead permanently in December. So I work 2 days a week as lead coach and 3 days as coaching lead. I am living my dream, which is amazing and long may it continue.

Happy New Year to all of you and thank you to everyone that has supported me this year.

If you have a dream that is important enough to it, you can reach it, if you really want to.


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