Music that has made me smile/sometimes cry this year

As many of you will already know, music plays an important part in my life. You will also know that both my sons are musicians. Ben is in Vialetters (If you have never heard them, firstly why not? Secondly don’t worry they are on the playlist above) and Jack is in a band called SpeakEasy, they have not released anything yet but will be soon. SpeakEasy play their first gig on 26th January at The New Adelphi in Hull, feel free to pop along and support them.

Anyway music is my go to place when I am feeling emotional, and I will often make playlists to soundtrack my life. The playlist above is of songs, many of them new to 2019 that provoke emotion in me. Many of them will make me smile, some will make me sad. All of them take me away from myself for a few minutes.

This year has been an up and down year, and the songs on this playlist have been there for me throughout the year. They are all special in their own way, but none more than the songs my son plays on. They are by far my favourite songs of the year as they make me feel so proud. Next year (2020) I will have 2 bands that will make me feel this way. That makes me feel so blessed, that my sons make something that feels my heart with joy.

The best thing about music and the internet age is that I can share with you some wonderful tunes. If you don’t have spotify, look up the songs on you-tube you will be able to access them for free.

I hope are able to listen and get as much enjoyment out of this playlist as me.

Happy New Year to you all!


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