26/03/20 Day 2 of quarantine and appreciating all the compassion there is around us

Only the dog was willing to be in the photograph.

Yesterday I started with a persistent cough. That persistent cough has now changed into waves of coughing fits and spikes in temperature. So I fluctuate from feeling OK to feeling really unwell, which is irritating to say the least. My chest is killing me due to all the coughing. On top of that watching the news is making me feel guilty and I want to get back to work to support my friends. Saying that it looks like it might be worse soon so I will be busy when I get back and will be immune.

On a positive note I finished my assignment this morning for my exec coaching course, and submitted it a day early, just in case I am too poorly tomorrow. The sun is shining and Holly (my dog in the picture) has been able to get out in the garden so has not been a pain about not going for a walk.

We had a lovely surprise today when a friend dropped off a bag of food for us. The best thing was it had biscuits and bacon in it. What was especially touching was that they did this on their wedding anniversary. They are truly a special couple, and we were really touched by their kindness. I have witnessed some wonderful acts of kindness over the past couple of weeks.

This afternoon I am resting on the sofa reading a book on leadership and thinking about what we can learn about our leadership in the NHS during this crisis. One thing I am noticing is that the staff in our Trust at all levels are doing things that a few weeks ago would have been considered impossible. This pandemic is highlighting that there are some exceptional leaders throughout the Trust. We need to take note of what we have achieved and learn from it.


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