27/03/2020 Sunshine, applause, and gratitude

Wasn’t that emotional last night? I stood on the back step as Lisa and the boys were at the front door and I didn’t want to get too close. For those of you that know me you wont be surprised that I shed a tear.

In October last year I gave up my Nursing registration to concentrate on my role as Coaching Lead and Organisational Development Practitioner (I’m gonna need a bigger badge). On Friday night I applied to go back on emergency register. I am now waiting for the email from the NMC telling me I am back on. Last night I knew I had done the right thing. When this virus leaves me I can then get back to work, initially supporting my colleagues on the helpline and as part of the psycho-social support offer. I know that I can go to the wards and work alongside my clinical colleagues when I need to.

I am now on day three of the symptoms and each day it gets worse. The cough seems less evident but I have no energy and it feels like someone has been jumping on my chest. Breathing is hard work, in the respect I have never really noticed my breathing before, but now I am having work a little harder to open up my lungs. When I do cough it is dry, rasping and hurts like hell. This is apparently mild. So if you do not need to go out please stay in. If you get this, boy will you know about it, and if you give this to someone you love who is vulnerable, you will make them very ill and worse still they could die. I look at my family and feel so guilty that they may start getting ill in the next few days.

Just a short one today, I am not feeling to good.

Speak to you all tomorrow.

Stay In, Stay safe, Save a life.

Keep being kind, compassionate and lovable.


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

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2 thoughts on “27/03/2020 Sunshine, applause, and gratitude

  1. It was so lovely wasn’t it, though the guilt was very strong for me that I’m off for 12 weeks, I do hope I can be checked to see if I’m immune so I can return and help to, until then I’ll keep working from home. The breathing is incredibly difficult isn’t it, I have asthma anyway but this is a different sort of breathlessness, not nice at all, I’m day 7, feeling better in a morning but by the afternoon not great, so tired. Take care my friend, your posts are keeping me going x

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  2. Hope you feel better soon seems so inadequate somehow – I hope you get the immunity you need to get you through and know that everyone that knows you and many that don’t are all so proud and so very, very grateful x

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