06/04/2020 First day back at work

After nearly 2 weeks I went back to work today. Last night I had a fitful sleep, and by 5 am I was wide awake. It was a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Not so much about the work (I love my job, and my role is not front line patient care) it was more how I would cope physically. By the time I got to the bus stop my head was banging and I was breathless. After a few minutes on the bus I had recovered. It was the same walking to my office, and then walking to the drop-in. I feel like an old man. Once I am insitu and sat down I am fine. It was lovely to speak to people, and see my colleagues. From a well-being perspective going in and being useful, albeit in a small way today was restorative. There is a buzz of determination about the hospital, much more than I noticed last time I was there. Everywhere I looked I saw people working together, solving problems and looking for what they can do to make things better. It is quite humbling to watch. Us providing the support are conscious that we need to be there for all of these amazing professionals to make sure they can continue to do this in the weeks to come. It is a true team effort. Together we will overcome.

I am home now, and my head is banging again, and I am really tired. I have a lot of background work to do tomorrow, so a slightly slower pace with less moving around is required. So I am pacing myself knowing that I will be needed to be firing on all cylinders in the coming weeks.

I know a lot of you lovely people are concerned about me, but rest assured I am looking after myself.

If you are recovering pace yourself and don’t expect too much at first like I did over the weekend and ended up making myself feel fed up. Do things in stages and you will be okay.


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

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