09/04/2020 Not sure I want to speak too soon, but…

Yesterday physically I felt dreadful. The only good thing yesterday was Doris’ Wholehearted Book Club, the interaction on their really lifted my spirits. It really did put a smile on my face. For a couple of hours I didn’t really care how crap I felt and that it had been 15 days since my symptoms had started. Talking about books, that I love, and those I had never heard of was wonderful, made all the more special by the wholehearted people that joined me. At the last count we had 62 members. If you love books and just want a wholehearted chat about what you love, go on Facebook, type ‘Doris’ Wholehearted Book Club’ into the search bar and request to join. If you look like a friendly type we will let you join.

So today, dare I say it, I feel a little better (now I have been here before, albeit not 16 days in). My cough is more than yesterday but I don’t feel as breathless or tired. I took the dog for a short walk this morning for 5 minutes however and I was done in. But small victories I am on course for being fully recovered next week.

Now I am feeling a little better, I would just like to say this has been one of the worst viruses I have experienced. Now from a physical point of you it has been quite unpleasant, but the psychological effects have been terrible. The unpredictability of the symptoms is just horrible, that coupled with the widespread media coverage and knowing about the preparations being made at our local hospital and then knowing people that have been very ill and one of them losing their life has made this whole experience horrible.

Writing this diary and the overwhelmingly supportive response from all you lovely people has helped immeasurably. Being able to write about what I was feeling and working through how I was and still am managing the emotional as well as physical effects has been essential for me, and I hope it has helped some of you who are either experiencing similar symptoms or are just struggling with the whole experience. This is going to be a long haul and will continue to be very difficult, but we will get through it. I am going to continue to write a diary and publish it on this blog for as long as this crisis is on. Depending on how busy I am, it might not be everyday. I will keep sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I will also share it to the Facebook groups in Chester, Hull and Willerby and Kirk Ella for as long as they are willing to share them, also feel free to share these blogs with your friends.

Remember give yourself an anchor, something to keep you connected to who you are and what is important to you. A go to activity that makes you feel secure, happy and connected to all around you. Keep being kind to yourself and others. Keep being imaginative and creative. By the time all this is over you will be doing things that you never dreamed of before it started. Like starting an online book club.

One last thing, we still need to defeat this virus. The best way we can do that (I mean us mere mortals) is to stop the likelihood of it spreading by staying in as much as we can. I still people going out to the shops everyday. Please stop doing that! You could be spreading this virus. Please don’t go sit in the park or go and play football in the park. All of these unnecessary journeys and activities could kill someone. That someone could well be the person on the checkout at your supermarket, a bus driver, a nurse, a porter, a radiographer, a doctor, or yourself.

If you fancy a bottle of wine and you don’t have one do without. Please!

Stay Safe.


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

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