14/04/2020 Back at work

I went back to work today, albeit baby steps and working from home. Although I have had plenty to do work on much of the staff support we are offering at the hospital.

It was a little daunting at first as I had a faltering start last week. Obviously it was fine, and it was great to speak to my colleagues via zoom and start to be useful again. I am going in for the rest of the week and will be manning the staff drop ins on Thursday and Friday, then I will feel truly useful making a difference and supporting the amazing staff in our hospitals, who are all working so hard to keep us all safe, both clinical and non-clinical.

I have worked in the NHS all my adult life and I am so happy to be getting back to my other family after being away from them for 3 weeks.

I was thinking this morning about what I had written about yesterday, about being kind towards all of the people around us. Many of us are spending more time with our families than we are used to. We can often be less kind to our families than we should. We can be uncivil with those we love, as they will forgive us more than those that no us less. I can often be short with Lisa and my boys. It is so important that we pause and remember they are like us and are experiencing the same emotions as we are and need patience and support as much as we do. So when you feel that irritation or red mist forming take a breath, and tell yourself they are trying their best, just like you are, and it is just as new for them as it is for you. You love them and they love you so let them know even when they are getting on your nerves.

Like everything I suggest it takes practice. Sometimes you will react, but just notice when you do, apologise when you do react, and make amends.

I have written this on my phone and I am quite tired after a day at work so I hope it makes sense.

Stay safe


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

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