25/04/2020 It must be the weekend

It’s 7:30 am on a Saturday morning, I have been up about 30 minutes, after another fitful sleep. The dog was pleased to see me get up, until I fed her and now she has moved on to laying near her treat cupboard in the vain hope that biscuit may suddenly appear. I initially put the TV on for the news headlines, after about 5 minutes of wittering that did not resemble anything remotely news I put BBC Radio 6 Music, in anticipation of the Radcliffe and Maconie show at 8 am (the highlight of my weekend, is reading the paper and listening to Rad Mac). When I put the radio on Dragonball Durag was playing, now if you read yesterday’s blog you will know that, that very song was playing yesterday morning. Baxter Dury is now on the radio being interviewed (Baxter is one of my favourite artists, and the son of the late great Ian Dury)so I am a happy bunny as they finish the interview and play Miami. This is almost a perfect Saturday morning, if it wasn’t for the pain in my chest.

I have done my breathing exercises this morning, as recommended by the Occupational Health Nurse yesterday as part of my rehabilitation programme. They encourage me to breathe more deeply, they as you would expect made me cough. I cough anyway, so I am hoping they will get my lungs moving more effectively and these headaches will go away. Once I am dressed I will take the dog for a walk as part of my regime. I now go for 2 short walks of about 200 metres to start with. When I am writing this I am telling myself that I was doing more than that last week! Then I remember how breathless I constantly felt and how bad those headaches were. All I was doing last week and the week before was trying to carry on regardless. The Nurse yesterday told me to allow myself to be ill. Something that a lot of people have been saying recently, but I didn’t hear them.

Anyway this has taken me 40 minutes to write and Rad Mac has started on the radio, so stay home, stay safe and have a pleasant weekend.


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One thought on “25/04/2020 It must be the weekend

  1. ”Allow yourself to be ill” – great advice – I will remember this ! These days and it wasn’t always the case we are reminded of the knock on effect of illness on the economy – downtime – lost time etc …. More mental stress – more pressure no one wants or needs ! I would love to think that Lockdown has given people the chance to think about what is and isn’t important – we always talk about New Years Resolutions – We should all be contemplating Lockdown Resolutions. Rest up – the world can wait !

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