26/04/2020 Head full of cotton wool

I woke up about 4ish with a headache, and I just can’t shift it. My head feels like it is full of cotton wool. I thought taking the dog for a walk and getting some fresh air might clear my head. It hasn’t! My chest feels tighter today too. I am hoping as the day wears on I will start to feel brighter and feel like sitting in the garden and doing some reading.

This morning I am going through some old favourites on Spotify to raise my mood. I have been doing this challenge on Facebook to post the covers of 10 albums that influenced your musical taste. This morning I chose Thing Fish by Frank Zappa (if you are easily offended please avoid this album at all costs). This got me thinking about the rest of his back catalogue, and all his albums I loved, so I am currently listening to one of my favourites “The Man From Utopia”, which is a little more (only just) accessible than Thing Fish. I know with a thick head Frank Zappa seems a strange choice as his music is not the easiest to listen to, but songs like “The Dangerous Kitchen” just make me smile. As I have mentioned many times I use music to mirror or lift my spirits when I am struggling. Today is a Frank Zappa kind of day. A day to get lost in the ridiculous and slightly offensive lyrics, and remember being a teenager and hearing them for the first time. I remember when my brother first introduced me to Frank Zappa, I was about 15 so it was about 3 years after Thing Fish was released, he gave me a tape of Thing Fish and Joe’s Garage and said listen to these, you will love them, but don’t let Mum hear them.

Anyway this reminiscing and listening to Zappa has cheered me up, and the sun has come out. Have a good Sunday everybody.

Stay home, stay safe. Speak to you all tomorrow.


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

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