09/05/20 A special moment

The sun is gently warming by back, the birdsong is loud a beautiful, a Blue Tit, is busy collecting food from the bird feeder and taking it back to her young. I am having one of those perfect moments.A moment of calm, a moment in the here and now. A moment when I can rememberContinue reading “09/05/20 A special moment”


06/05/2020 What can you change?

Remember a few days ago I wrote about being resilient during these uncertain times. The first element of resilience as described by Diane Coutu was realism. We have to be realistic about what is within our control and what is a given. I know it seems obvious but how many times do you find yourselfContinue reading “06/05/2020 What can you change?”

05/05/2020 I don’t know about you but I could do with a big cuddle at the moment

Holly my dog woke me up at 4 am and again at 5:30 this morning, on the second occasion I gave up and got up. I am not sure what she wanted as she went back to sleep once I got up. Perhaps she was fed up and just wanted some company. So for theContinue reading “05/05/2020 I don’t know about you but I could do with a big cuddle at the moment”

04/05/2020 It has been 41 days since my symptoms started

I started back to work again today. This time I am going to try to do it the right way. We have a plan of ramping up my workload over a few weeks, to not to cause anymore setbacks. So for the next few weeks I will be working from home to avoid the commuteContinue reading “04/05/2020 It has been 41 days since my symptoms started”

03/05/2020 This is like nothing I have ever experienced

I know I have said this quite a few times, but I have never experienced an illness like this. I don’t just mean the physical impact it is having on me which is so unpredictable, ranging from irritating to debilitating in the space of an hour, back to a minor ailment all before lunch. TheContinue reading “03/05/2020 This is like nothing I have ever experienced”

02/05/20 Share some love and some music

I woke up this morning with sleep in my eyes, and a pain in my chest. Another shit day ahead I thought to myself, well at least I am not coughing my guts up I suppose. I pulled myself together, went to the bathroom and got washed and dressed (routine is everything). I came downstairsContinue reading “02/05/20 Share some love and some music”

01/05/20 Uncertainty appears to be the only certainty

I have talked about managing uncertainty a few times before, but as this pandemic continues I think it is important to bring it up again. Uncertainty is the most difficult thing to deal with during this current crisis. Even though life in whole is uncertain, in normal circumstances we can use our past experiences andContinue reading “01/05/20 Uncertainty appears to be the only certainty”