05/05/2020 I don’t know about you but I could do with a big cuddle at the moment

Holly my dog woke me up at 4 am and again at 5:30 this morning, on the second occasion I gave up and got up. I am not sure what she wanted as she went back to sleep once I got up. Perhaps she was fed up and just wanted some company. So for the past couple of hours I have sat watching the sun rise, listening to my dog gently snore along to a soundtrack provided by BBC 6 Music (my favourite radio station) whilst ruminating and generally feeling miserable. I could do with a big bear hug, you know a proper squeeze. The kind of cuddle that tells you “hang on in there fella, you’ve got this.” I am blessed I am surrounded by my family who will give me a hug. Ben though is the only natural hugger in the house. Lisa and Jack are reluctant huggers, they will give me a hug but it is time limited and a bit weak. That is fine not everyone is a natural hugger and us tactile sorts should not impose hugging onto those reluctant types.

As I say Ben would give me a hug. He is a champion huger, if not just a little enthusiastic, he can squeeze the air out of your lungs if you are not careful. Now since I started with this virus all hugging has stopped. Initially we were trying to avoid me passing any potential virus on. Since then that nervousness is still present (the nervousness is with me). Then this morning I have been sat here overthinking listening to the dog snore feeling sorry for myself and thought I could really do with a big hug to squeeze all this sadness out.

A hug lets you know you matter, a hug lets you know that someone has your back and they are with you without judgement, and without a desire to fix it. A hug (for me) is the perfect expression of empathy. It says “I know it hurts, I am not here to fix it, I am here for you, because you are loved and lovable.”

When someone gets up I am going to hug them. In the meantime I am going to give all of you a big hug instead. A virtual hug, a musical hug. When I need a hug and no one is around I put my Gizza Cuddle playlist on. So from me to you

Stay home, stay safe and come here you lovable lot


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

One thought on “05/05/2020 I don’t know about you but I could do with a big cuddle at the moment

  1. I miss proper hugs too, I’ll save up all of our hugs for next time I see you without social distancing, be prepared!

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