04/07/2020 The day the pubs opened

On the 21st March I a blog titled “The Day The Pubs Shut”. 3 and a half months later they are reopening, albeit with restrictions. To be honest I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand both my sons work in pubs, so they are able to return to work for the summer. This has meant that Ben has returned to Manchester and regained his independence. On the other hand I am concerned that opening places that sell a drug that has a track record of causing anti-social behaviour and a reduction of inhibitions on a Saturday has more to do with making money than the welfare of the public. If the government truly put people above personal gain, then efforts would have been put into safely opening gyms, swimming pools and arts venues, alongside hairdressers not pubs.

As I say I have mixed feelings, I am pleased than Ben and Jack are able to go back to work. I just worry that the government and many people are not putting people first. Money should just be a tool to support people, people should not be a tool to generate money. Successful profitable businesses are crucial for the welfare of our country, but lets not forget these profitable businesses should be there to provide a service for people, if those people are sacrificed then those profitable businesses will not survive long. Now is a time for the few to make sacrifices for the good of us all (and many good successful companies are).

When the pubs do open and I suspect a few are already open (I am writing this at 8 am), they will be very different from what they were back in March. You cannot stand up, you cannot go to the bar, if you are inside the time you spend in the pub is restricted, you have to give your details on entry. Like many aspects of our life outside of our home we are confronted with new rules to keep us safe. They are however very different from what we are used to, therefore we have to think about what we do, when normally we would just do it. Going to the shops, the pub and getting a haircut, were once routine events that we had done repeatedly, we had built up a muscle memory of what we do in those places. Now we are having to build up new muscle memories. Now we are going to feel uncertain, and awkward about stuff we use to do all the time. This takes it’s toll physically and emotionally on us. Then we have to manage the uncertainty of what comes next with talk of second waves and new potential pandemics. If we are not careful and take care of ourselves, coming out of the lock-down could be worse than the lock-down itself. In response to this I have put together a series of interactive webinars starting later this month, contact me via my contacts page if you want to know more.

So when you are out and about shopping, going to the pub, having a haircut and hopefully soon going to gyms, music venues and theatres, be kind to yourself and those around you. Remember everyone is new at this, we are all going to go the wrong way, we are all going to forget what we are doing.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

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