12/07/2020 A week off and a visit to see my Mum

I have had annual leave this week. Annual leave when you work from home is quite surreal. Monday and Tuesday we stayed at home, which when home is your work place is very strange. I did however manage to avoid logging on to my work computer and going and I muted the work WhatsApp group. Normally when I have been on holiday I would not normally go that far, but when the lines between work and home are less defined, it is really important I think to impose distinct barriers between the two.

On Monday went out for a run for the first time since the end of February. It was really more a run/walk, to get me back into the swing of things and not put myself off on my first outing. I used a route I know that is a mile long. Before the lock down this had become my regular almost daily route, so it felt good to be out on familiar ground. It hurt, but not as much as thought it might. It was the feeling afterwards that I realised I had missed the most. As we come down from exercise we get a rush of endorphins, which is just the best feeling. If you do exercise you will know what I mean, if you have not done any exercise for a while (like me), I would strongly recommend you get out there and do something that gets your heart rate up. It has certainly improved my mental health this week. The 2 runs I have done this week have been added to my daily hours of happiness.

Wednesday was an emotional day. We went to Chester to visit my Mum. I have not seen my Mum since December. My irrational self had worried this day would never come. I know we are supposed to keep 1 to 2 metres distance but when I saw her I couldn’t help it. I gave her the biggest hug, and we held on to each other and sobbed. After half a year of being apart and with the prospect of never seeing each other again, that was the most heartfelt hug I had ever had. The days preceding our visit I had been impossible to live with (sorry Lisa). Ben had come with us for the day to visit his Gran it was lovely to see him with her. He didn’t stay as he needed to get back for work. Wednesday was a precious day as was Thursday. We spent the morning talking, crying and laughing just me and her, and then before we left my niece came with her daughter Ava (welcome to the family Ava). Those are 2 days that will live long in the memory.

As you will remember from my previous blogs that I am putting together a series of webinars about personal leadership and resilience (similar to what I write about in my blogs) based on a book I have been writing for he past 2 years. Well since Thursday I have been reworking what I have written so far to put into a companion guide to go with the webinars. I can then use that guide as the overview for the book. Preparing these webinars has given the book a new lease of life. Writing the webinar has refocused my goal, and I can now see my compelling vision much more clearly. If you are interested in checking out the webinars the link below will take you to he eventbrite page for the first webinar on the 25th July. If you want to sign up for all three and receive a copy of the guide contact me via my contacts page.


I am going to spend the rest of this morning writing and looking out over my garden on this lovely sunny Sunday. Stay safe everyone


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