08/11/2020 Day 4 of Lockdown 2/A weekend of watching the excitement of a Presidential election

It was inevitable I suppose that it was going to happen again. In fact it probably should have happened earlier, if we wanted to prevent the hospital admissions we are seeing right now. But we are where we are.

It certainly does feel the same as the last lockdown. Last time everywhere seemed a lot quieter, this time the traffic does not seem to be any lighter. Both yesterday and today on my daily dog walking activities I was struck by the sheer amount of traffic on the roads, clearly going to the supermarkets and maybe travelling for their exercise. I wonder though how seriously people are taking this lockdown. The problem is the number of patients in our local hospitals has exceeded the peak number during the first wave of the pandemic. Our hospitals are extremely busy, which is not unusual at this time of year. The problem is the flu season has yet to have an impact, when it does if we continue to admit the numbers of patients with COVID we are now then it is going to get extremely busy. The other issue that we are facing is that, staff in hospitals are members of the public too and are getting infected too, which is impacting on the staffing levels and therefore putting added pressure on the system. The simple answer is to stay at home as much as you can, if you do need to go out make sure you keep your distance from others, wear a mask in indoor public spaces and wash your hands regularly. Most importantly don’t go out unless necessary. If the hospitals get overrun we are going to be in serious trouble.

As I have spent most of my time inside this weekend I have been glued to the news watching the fallout from the US Presidential election. It has been fascinating watching how they decide their president, I have never really paid much attention in the past to how it all works. It seems very strange, but then again our system probably does to them. What stands out is the division that is very evident in the country, and that reminded me of what it has been like here since the brexit vote. It seems to me that both countries have a problem with listening, and hearing alternative points of view. I hope that President Elect Biden is able to reach out to across the divide and encourage listening and empathy. My other hope is that we will someday have a leader in this country that will encourage the same. We all need to learn to listen again and learn to accept and embrace our differences. People who disagree are not enemies, it is time to stop the rhetoric of if they are not with us they are against us. It is time to hold hand with strangers and heal the wounds that have been festering in the world for too long. I know it is idealistic, but we all need a cause to attach ourselves too and what better cause in our current world than working towards understanding and empathy.

We are after all, all loved and loveable, so let’s start seeing the joy and love in the world rather than hate and division.

Stay safe, and be kind to yourself and others.


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

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