Feeling a Bit Daft

  I was watching the new Amazon Christmas advert the other night. Well I suppose watching is a bit strong, it came on when I was watching my pandemic obsession that is Channel 4 News. As the advert progressed and the music started playing and the ballet dancer started dancing I started crying, in fact I can feel myself welling up just thinking about it. I found myself crying at someone holding a really powerful torch to light up a  young girl dance to Swan Lake on the roof of building in the snow. So you can safely say I felt daft. For some reason the emotions got the better of me. 

Now those of you that know me, know that I am an emotional soul, but it normally takes more than an advert for a powerful torch to get my eyes leaking. I have found myself having moments of melancholy spontaneously. Some days I just feel a bit sad, most of the time it passes and sometimes I get emotional and feel daft. I find myself telling myself to pull myself together, after all I am a coach and talk to people about this stuff all the time, so I should at least be able to practice what I preach. 

I do all of the stuff that I talk about in my blogs, and that is the point I suppose, I always end up reminding myself that I am human, and need help and support from time to time. 

I was talking to someone the other day who said they had days where they just felt sad, and all they wanted to do was go home and put their head under the duvet and shut the world out. Like me they said there was not just one thing that they could point to the cause of this. For me at that moment I am so grateful that they had shared that,  as I had felt exactly the same, so we sat talked about what is going on in our world and how strange and familiar everything is. As if the world has shifted slightly and unsettled us  all. We talked about loss, and when I say loss I mean the sense of loss for the old ways of doing things when we did not wear masks, we taught in classrooms and moaned about winter pressures and how we never managed to sort it out. Actually sharing that moment helped both of us. 

The point about this blog is that no matter what you are experiencing, it is important not to devalue you response to what is going on around you and to you. Those silly daft emotional moments require and deserve you attention, and should not be diminished and pushed down. There are lots and lots of ways we can give them some space, one way is to talk to someone you know and trust, at work or home. Socially at the moment that is harder than it was, having a coffee or a glass of whatever you fancy and a chat is out of the question. We can meet via zoom or on the phone. Some people like to journal and write down what is happening to them. I know I find that very useful. I am also offering to have virtual 1:1 sessions with people, just drop me a line at matt@mattycoach71.com and we can arrange a zoom call. The first one is free.

The take home message is that it is perfectly acceptable to be daft, quite frankly the world is acting daft at the moment. 


Published by Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coach

Performance and Life Coach

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